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Discover Senders Using Your Emailing Domain

Many organizations allow trusted third parties to send email on their behalf, but how do you prevent unauthorized sender from using your brand to commit phishing and other types of impersonation attacks? To stop this, typically, you'd need to find and then analyze all email traffic sent as your domain - but where do you begin? 

Sign up for a free DMARC Monitor for Twilio SendGrid account, and after making a single line change to your DNS record, you will find:

  • Exactly who is sending email using your organization’s domain
  • Insights into the unauthorized use of your domain that can indicate malicious or fraudulent attacks that are actively impersonating your organization
  • Shadow IT or non-compliant email sending cloud services 
  • What actionable steps you can take to stop exact domain fraudulent email
  • Find out how to get to DMARC enforcement which qualifies you for BIMI

Read this datasheet to find out more about DMARC Monitor for Twilio SendGrid, the simpler way to achieve DMARC enforcement.